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    Budget-conscious millennial travelers.

  • frugal man consumed by wanderlust.

    Founder of FLY GLITCH here, I've spent the last 6+ years studying the airline industry to capitalize on unique fare glitches and extremely cheap flight deals all around the world. I've traveled to over 15 countries in 2015 alone, all on flight glitches and deals.

    all journeys have a beginning.

    I started off notifying my friends of fare glitches in a WhatsApp group of 8 people which ballooned to 100 members. That quickly outgrew itself and FLY GLITCH was born. My vision and aim is to help as many people as possible fly for as cheap as possible. Our team is growing rapidly and we are dedicated to making sure everyone travels cheap. Come join us in our journey to travel and explore the world on a budget.

    knowledge sharing.

    Not only do we love traveling, but we love talking about it. If you are a travel related blog/magazine and are interested in writing a piece on FLY GLITCH, contact us below, we'd love to chat.


    We are always looking for bright minded individuals to join our growing team. If you are interested in being a part of FLY GLITCH, please contact us below. Our #1 requirement is that you love traveling and saving money just as much as we do.

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