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Follow our tips to help you save $$$ on your next vacation by always being ready to pull the trigger on the next epic airfare deal.

People always ask us: how do you travel without overpaying for flights? How do you get those great airfare glitches? And while we can’t reveal our exact secrets, we can help you be prepared so that when the next fare glitch pops up, you’re prepared.

The main key to scoring that epic flight deal isn’t the actual flight, it’s being ready at a moment’s notice to make the choice in purchasing a deal for a flight. And from our experience, we’ve learned many of our customers initially were never ready to take out the credit card and hit “BOOK”. Follow our tips below so you never miss another flight deal again and travel the world on a budget.

Tip #1: Know Your Availability

Typically when a big airfare deal pops up, you have a limited window of time before:

  1. If it’s a fare mistake, the airline recognizes the error and corrects the fare

  2. Availability for seats on your desired flight sell out

Because the length of time you have to make a decision is unknown, you’ve gotta be quick in pulling the trigger on purchasing the flight or not. And you can’t do that if you don’t know when you can actually travel. Main takeway: Always know in advance what days you could potentially be free for travel 6 months in advance.

We recommend looking at your calendar and marking off any known holidays, birthdays, parties, or weddings for the next 6 months. Then decide on 1-2 weeks each month that could be possible for international travel in case a flight deal pops up. This may not be exactly perfect, but you’ll at least have a starting point of knowing when you could travel versus racking your brain during the moment you have to decide on purchasing a flight glitch or not.

Tip: If you have a partner or go-to travel buddy, it be helpful to sync up with their availability beforehand in the same way.

Tip #2: Have Your Online Accounts Ready to Rock

Precious moments could be wasted while you’re logging into the travel site to make your purchase. Main takeaway: Have your account all set up on Orbitz, Expedia etc in advance.

Spend an afternoon creating logins for all the major online travel agent (OTA) sites. Save your name, billing address, travel frequent flier numbers and payment method. That way if a flight glitch pops up on one of the major OTAs, you already have info you would otherwise have to input in manually already stored and prefilled making the booking process faster. Of course we do want to point out that flight glitches can happen on lesser known travel sites as well so you may not benefit always by doing this. However, this is always a good practice to be ready to make the purchase happen quicker.

Tip: Save your username and password to your browser and skip the step of logging in.

Tip #3: Buy Now, Think Later

An experienced deal seeker is aware of return and refund policies at their favorite stores. And a fare glitch seeker should be no exception. If you’re just getting started out in the world of budget travel, take a moment to understand the refund policies of most airlines. Majority of the airlines tend to give you 24 hour cancellation period for a full refund. So if you’re unsure of travel dates, approval to take off from your boss, or any other reason, always know you have a full 24 hours to make any changes. Main takeaway: Hop on that fare error now and make your final decision within 24 hours.

By preparing yourself with these tips, you’ll be in a better position to score that epic airfare deal to Machu Picchu, The Great Wall of China or wherever your deal-catching heart desires.


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