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  • How do you find these glitches/deals?

    We use a combination of sophisticated algorithms and research when looking for glitches/deals. We've spent many years doing this so we have learned where and when to look for many destinations.

    I live outside the U.S./Canada, do you provide deals here?

    Not quite yet but we're working on it. All deals originate from the US/Canada for now.

    What kind of glitches/deals should I be expecting on the PREMIUM list?

    The Premium list members will get the best, cheapest and most deals. Let’s be real – none of us care for a flight that’s a mere $50-100 cheaper than normal and you shouldn’t either. We use historical data and only send out fares that are a true 'steal'. Most of the fares will be around $400 or less. Some fares might be more – for example, it costs on average $1300-$1500 to travel to New Zealand from NYC roundtrip. We've sent fares as low as $567.

    What kind of glitches/deals should I be expecting on the FREE list?

    The Free list members will get good deals, however they will get much fewer deals, won't be able to pick a specific region they want deals from, and will get them AFTER the Premium list members. If you want the best of the best with the most availability, then we suggest signing up for the Premium list.

    How many e-mails can I expect to receive?

    That’s a frequent but hard question to answer because it really depends on what’s out there on any given day. Fares aren't static, they are always changing. We don’t have a target nor do we need to meet a minimum quota. We only send out the true steals and that can mean anywhere from 5-8 deals per month for Premium list members and 1-2 deals for the Free list members. It could be more, could be less. Rest assured, we're not here to clutter your inbox with junk so it's only the good stuff.

    Is the booking process hard?

    Not at all. We list out the steps in the e-mail notification for each specific fare and how to book it. It’s super simple and quick. 

    How long do I have to book the fare once I receive the e-mail?

    That varies on the specific deal/airline, on availability and when the airlines catches their mistake. On average, a glitch will last around a couple of hours to a day but can last longer. You usually have to book the same day or next day. I have seen glitches that last a couple of days. It varies but we note in the e-mail based on experience how long we think you have to book. Remember, 'Premium' list members will get more time since they will receive the glitch first.

    I'm a FREE list member and would like to upgrade to the PREMIUM list, how do I do that?

    Simple, either click the link in one of your free e-mails and it will take you to the sign up page or you can go to 'Sign Up' at the top of this page.

    How far out can I book these fares?

    Most of the fares that are sent out can be booked on average 1-8 months out. We have however sent fares that can be booked further out than that.

    I want to book, but I need more time to decide, what do I do?

    Our motto when it comes to these fares are - "Buy now, think later".  All airlines and most OTA's (online travel agency) give you 24 hours to cancel your ticket free of charge, full refund (with the exception of American Airlines who does it differently but still the same idea. They will let you hold the fare for 24 hours before purchasing). So rest assured that even if you score a great fare, you have a nice cushion to cancel. 

    Why do you do it by region instead of specific airport?

    We do it that way because if we restrict you to a specific airport, you may miss a glitch that’s a short drive or cheap flight away. For example, we sent out a glitch to Austria for $325 r/t from NYC (normally $700-800), but people near Philadelphia airport could utilize the deal as well since the two airports are not far from each other.

    How do I change my region/e-mail?

    Simple, scroll to the bottom of any glitch e-mail, click on "Update your preferences" and it will take you to the page to update your region and e-mail. This feature is only available to Premium list members. Free members will get glitches from random regions.

    Is my credit card information secure?

    Absolutely, we use Stripe to process all payments and it is 100% secure with 128 bit SSL security.

    I signed up but I haven't gotten an e-mail, what gives?

    Oh no, you don't want to miss crazy glitches! Some people have reported that the e-mails are going into their "Promotions" or "Spam" folder. Please make sure you add the e-mail muss at flyglitch dot com to your contacts list. Mark it as VIP so it goes to your primary inbox. That should fix the problem. Here's a guide to fix this for different e-mail providers. If you signed up and a month has gone by with no e-mail, try the steps above or contact us.

    I bought too many flights, I’m out of money, how do I cancel?

    Simple, reach out to us under the "Contact' tab above and put “Unsubscribe” on the subject line. You will not be charged again for the next month and will be removed from the list. Just make sure you e-mail us from the same e-mail you used to sign up.

    I like what you do and have some other questions/suggestions that aren’t here, how do I reach you?

    We would love to chat. You can reach us via the 'Contact' tab on top of the page.

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