If you're a travel blogger or travel aficionado who wants to write for us, we're interested!

    Become a vital member of the FLY GLITCH audience to expand your audience by publishing original and exclusive content on the Fly Glitch blog.


    What's In It For You


    At this time we're offering unpaid writing roles for writers looking to gain more experience and grow their reader base. We will add a feature box to the top of each content linking back to your site with a short blurb about yourself. We will also promote your content through our marketing channels for added exposure.

    Post Requirements

    We require high quality content that is exclusive to our site. That means it can't be published on your blog/site and we own the rights to the content.

    Checklist for Content Quality

    -Write a unique perspective or detailed description on topics relevant to Fly Glitch subscribers and readers.
    -Provide high quality images relevant to the post.
    -Drop knowledgeable insight or advice as it relates to traveling and saving money.

    These are the qualities we're looking for when reviewing posts:

    Writing Style

    Here's our recommended guidelines for blog posts:

    -Writing should be done in a personable voice directly written for the reader.
    -Post should contain a minimum of 250 words with images where it makes sense.
    -Paragraphs should be written in concise sentences without any extra "fluff".
    -Post should contain intro paragraph, main content, conclusion paragraph to wrap up the post.

    Let's Get Started!

    If you're still interested in becoming a contributing writer, drop us a line below with the following info:

    -A little bit about yourself.
    -Link to your site/blog and articles you've written.
    -Article pitches for content you're looking to write.

    We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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